[HCM] Tập Đoàn Công Nghệ Intel Tuyển Dụng Engineering, Business Analyst, Headcount Planning Intern Part-time/ Full-time 2023


Tập đoàn Intel (Integrated Electronics) thành lập vào ngày 18/7/1968, lúc đó là tập đoàn hợp nhất về thiết bị điện tử, sản xuất ờ Santa Clara, (California, USA) bởi nhà hoá học kiêm vật lí học Gordon E.Moore và Robert Noyce, sau khi họ đã rời khỏi công ty Fairchild Semiconductor.

Intel có 99.000 nhân viên tại 199 văn phòng và cơ sở sản xuất kinh doanh trên toàn cầu. Năm 2005 doanh thu của Intel đạt hơn 38 tỷ USD, và Intel xếp thứ 50 trong các công ty lớn nhất thế giới.

Position 1: Process and Equipment Engineer Intern

The Process and Equipment Engineer intern will contribute to below:

  • Empowered to lead critical resolution of operational needs for the Assembly process and equipment.
  • Optimize advance process control systems to detect signals and automate containment
  • Define maintenance procedures, engage and partner with technicians and manufacturing teams to maintain equipment meeting highest standards.
  • Discover and enable new breakthroughs process and equipment improvements.
  • Engage and lead new technology and product transfers and integration.

Position 2: Engineering Intern (Cost)

  • Collaborate to Department Cost Representative to deliver Factory cost budget through projects and programs.
  • Review, improve, and optimize processing in term of Cost idea/ equipment project that contributes to factory efficiency.
  • Learn and apply LEAN/ Project management to do optimization across projects.
  • Join some Working Group to assist projects that related to equipment or process.
  • Drive TEGT/Factory Cost process compliance.

Position 3: Engineering Intern (Automation)

  • Develop automated systems, dashboard and processes to monitor and optimize manufacturing operations
  • Develop and implement robotic automation solutions to prevent quality issues. Maintain, debug errors and continue to improve those implementations
  • Attending training sessions to learn the best practices from VN/ VF in automation engineering
  • Monitor and analyze system performance data to identify areas for improvement
  • Empowered to conduct critical data science training for TEGT operation needs.

Position 4: Engineering Intern (Quality)

  • Direct observe current process across modules, analyze and find the best practice to support for compliance.
  • Standardize process for tracking steps
  • Build system to record the evidence, monitor and trigger if non-compliance
  • Scan thru’ process and optimize process to drive for quality
  • Perform experiment, analyze issue, and propose solution

Position 5: Engineering Intern (Headcount)

  • Own Direct Observation to do model efficiency in department.
  • Collaborate 4 shift managers/ supervisors so that we execute headcount strategy, ensure department headcount strategy is connected and executed flawlessly.
  • Read factory planning and turn it to action plan of headcount planning in our department.
  • Own Over-Time monitoring and coordinate to shift reps to meet ONE GOAL.
  • Assist headcount project owners to complete it per task alignment.
  • Hiring coordination for department.
  • Work with suppliers to monitor so that supplier deliver KPIs in term of operation performance such as Attrition monitoring/ operation output, etc.

Position 6: Headcount Planning Intern (Manufacturing team)

Support to measure time run from tool/ process from manufacturing teams, manage human resource allocation for each module/ tool or production line, support with the planning on headcount and training arrangement of new hires for production. Other related tasksPosition 7: Manufacturing Integrator Intern (Manufacturing team)

  • Responsible for factory loading plan and priority to meet weekly/monthly and quarterly delivery goal with the best Cycle Time
  • Improve Manufacturing Delivery system

Participate in or lead working groups or task forces that support the internal factory loading plan to respond to any activities that impact the capacity.

  • Escalate and follow up with other functional group if encounter any issue that potentially impact delivery.
  • Drive improvement project that directly impact manufacturing operation, and delivery performance.
  • To in-charge and be responsible for the smooth running of factory delivery activities. Ensure all conditions are ready to support and achieve maximum output.
  • Communicate the loading plans and strategize in night and weekend shift to the factory operation team

Position 8: Engineering Intern (Training/Lean)

  • Use MS Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Automate, Visio, Power BI) to enhance Training & LEAN ecosystem to provide business service & quality practice to customer.
  • Improve & sustain work process, and Social System of Lean Culture // (communicating/reporting).
  • Learn and apply LEAN principles/practices to participate in improvement project.
  • Engage and practice with data science/data fluency to build measurement model for Growth & Training Effectiveness.
  • Exploring the relationship between LEAN/Learning Culture and Business Performance by self-developing Statistical Model.
  • Establish personal workflow/initiate process to work within Training & LEAN and external stakeholders.

Position 9: Business Analyst Intern

  • BAs perform daily, weekly, and monthly data reviews and analyses using operational metrics and reports.
  • Create informative, actionable, and repeatable reporting that highlights relevant business trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • He/She must have strong communication and engagement skills. In some cases, she supports SharePoint design, creating newsletter and sustaining operations indicator


3rd/last year student with Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Finance, IT, Business Administration and/or other related majors. Additional Qualifications Include

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity with statistical data analysis techniques
  • Familiar with data analysis using programming languages such as SQL, Python, R, etc. is an advantaged
  • Able to work onsite for 3-4 days per week
  • Experience in semiconductor industry and manufacturing environment would be an added advantage
  • Ownership mindset, detail-oriented, due diligent, good communication skill

Benefit Package of Interns at Intel Vietnam

  • Attractive internship allowance
  • Training programs, opportunities to be involved in multinational projects
  • Exciting extracurricular and sports programs for employees
  • Well-invested facilities, putting safety first
  • Shuttle bus system at many places in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai…
  • High-quality cafeteria, lunch allowance, fruits, free drinks
  • Safe, stable and dynamic working environment


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